Who We Work With

We assist owners and CEOs of small to medium sized businesses achieve extraordinary results. We help them reach their vision, create sustainable growth and develop “unfair” competitive advantage.

You are the leader of a company with 10 to 500 employees. Your vision for you and your organization is unfinished. You want to encompass success and build value for yourself and your employees.

You are successful but could be struggling to take your business to the next level.  You aren’t trained as a CEO or leader. You are at the limits of your knowledge about how to continue your growth.

You have an attitude that you and your employees can improve and gain knowledge about how to manage and lead. You understand you have to develop the knowledge and then put it to use. “No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven, it’s learned, not inherited.”

You follow the adage of leadership: The more success your people have the more success you have. You understand good managers achieve results through other people. You aspire to be great: to achieve results through other people and develop them in the process.

We work with companies not reaching their objectives. Are you struggling with some of the following problems?

Do you focus on problems or do you focus on opportunities? The difference between these two approaches is the difference between a weak organization not meeting its performance objectives and an outstanding organization that is a profitable, growing market leader.

Are you able to make regular improvements or are you just getting by? Do you spend too much time tactically or do you focus on opportunity? Do you feel you are in control?

Are you regularly making the changes you would like? Start now nothing happens until you do.

Successful companies have a results oriented management team. They work together to achieve the future vision. They regularly make an effort to do outstanding work. Are you a strong leader with full support from your team? Do you have a personal growth plan to improve the capabilities of yourself and your team?

Managing people and process is a hard job.  Do your managers make steady improvements or just get by?  Do they delegate and communicate effectively? Strong managers are an important key to continued growth.

Do you have a strategic plan in place? The successful UCLA coach, John Wooden’s famous quote, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Organizations managed by a specific plan significantly out-perform less well managed organizations of equal capabilities. Planning is fundamental to improving the competitive position of your organization.

You will be a good fit working with us … to help you reach the next level if you have the following —

You have significant goals for you and your organization that are unfulfilled. And you are motivated to change. Our goal is to help clients initiate changes to reach their vision.

You realize your people are your most important asset. You are a “Developer” leader. One who is both results and people oriented. You understand organizational change is driven by employees. You want to empower your team. As employees become more effective, they generate stronger results.

You sense your leadership is one key to future success. The more success your people have the more success you have. Leadership culture is the single most important factor in determining the level of organizational productivity, achievement – your results.

You want to learn how to execute better; to learn effective techniques to hold yourself and others accountable. Accountability is difficult to achieve. Effective accountability leads to meeting our objectives and becoming a growing profitable organization.

You realize good is the enemy of great. When we settle on meeting industry standards we become competitively average. You want to build a great organization with the right people in the right positions and an inclusive culture with enthusiastic, motivated, confident employees.

You want a strategy to drive the organization forward; a strategy that has emotional and professional buy in from your team. A plan helps you develop your business direction over the next years. The purpose of a strategy is to produce results building “unfair” competitive advantage on a continuous basis.

These questions are situational. What about your personal aspirations? Do you have desired confidence? Are you regularly making improvements you expect? Is your personal and company value at the level you want? In short are you stuck? Are you happy with that? My suggestion – working together we will develop an unstuck process to reach the personal success you desire.

Where to next?

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.