Bring Balance To Your Life

Do you have balance in your personal life? We don’t control over much. Our personal balance is one area we do total control. Build balance in your life. Leading requires a great deal of physical and emotional energy. You have to persuade and say “let’s go” to people who don’t want to go. You make […]

Trust Is A Two Way Street

Trust is a two way street. You are trustworthy; your people trust you. Your people are trustworthy; you trust your people. The relationship is symbiotic. Both take positive leadership. In this article let us focus on how we develop trust in our people? There are two foundations. First hire outstanding people; people that fit your […]

Outstanding Organizations Develop Personal Leadership

An effective leader succeeds because he knows what he wants and has a plan of how to get it. He also understands he needs leaders throughout the organization. Pervasive leadership brings strong organizational success.  As employees reach new heights of achievement so does the organization. An effective leader must first develop leadership in his personal […]