Outstanding Organizations Develop Personal Leadership

An effective leader succeeds because he knows what he wants and has a plan of how to get it. He also understands he needs leaders throughout the organization.

Pervasive leadership brings strong organizational success.  As employees reach new heights of achievement so does the organization.

An effective leader must first develop leadership in his personal life. We cannot lead others if we cannot effectively lead ourselves.

Anyone, whether CEO, manager, supervisor or employee, can develop personal leadership and make it a dynamic force in his or her life. We must change; our attitude, our actions and the way we think today if we desire to create a future that is different from our present.

We exhibit personal leadership when we take responsibility for leading ourselves to reach our personal vision. We impact our lives to reach new heights of achievement and lead a life that is positive and fulfilling.

Position is unrelated to responsibility. Everyone who believes in themselves can become a leader.

The key leadership attitudes are:

  • Be a great role model.  Forget the old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Your actions are the most important messages that you send to others.
  • Maintain a great attitude about people.  Believe that your people are self directed and will work for personal growth and increased responsibility.
  • Be personally motivated. Think of yourself as a thoroughbred that runs to win. You act to meet your personal needs and desires.  Motivation is internal, not external.
  • Inspire people to build their internal motivation by challenging everyone to be the best.
  • Improve yourself even just 1% a month, a tiny amount. Through compounding, you will double your effectiveness in about 5 years.  This is a powerful motivator. It can double your effectiveness several times over during your career.
  • Finally, work for yourself.  Once you discover the great truth that your employer is paying you to work for yourself, you will realize that work is a blessing, not a burden.

With strong personal leadership we develop a great success attitude and have lasting personal rewards.

Strong leadership throughout the organization leads to a results oriented culture where enthusiastic, motivated, confident employees are working together to reach the vision of the organization.