How We Work

On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, and our approach to client projects.

Working with Tom, leaders are better able to grow their business and achieve the results they want by improving productivity and efficiency, creating and implementing strategic plans, and developing results-based employees who are committed and accountable. The bottom line – we help you build your personal and organizational value.

The strongest result you will achieve is to transform your business in the direction you have determined. You will have a vision, determined your opportunities and be confident in your ability to change.

Your second strongest result will be to develop a strong leadership mentality. You will learn how to work at your highest and best level; to focus on opportunity. You will build a strong leadership culture. Leadership culture is the single most important factor in determining the level of productivity, achievement – your results. The more success your people have the more success you have.

Another result – developing high performance employees throughout your organization.

You will develop a strong team of managers: a team regularly working to do their best and continually improving their capabilities.

What do you pay your management people? – a large number.                                                                                       Who generates the success of the business? – key management employees.                                                                  What is your greatest asset? – people – particularly key individuals.

If your management team is a key asset and a major overhead expense, what are you doing to improve their effectiveness? Your managers are key to improving productivity and generating results. Small changes in people effectiveness always bring larger changes in the bottom line. An example

You will create and successfully implement a strategic plan. A strategy defines how you will compete in your market place. Effective planning focuses the team on the longer term.

A good plan identifies how you will produce results and develop “unfair” competitive advantage. My strong belief – strategic planning is the most important activity you and your management team can undertake. Study results.

Guiding Beliefs

All outstanding organizations have three commonalities; a clear strategy, efficient and productive operations and strong leadership. These three strengths impact each other. If one is weak the whole organization suffers. All three combine for success but leadership is the element that brings all the components of an organization together.  

All outstanding organizations have a results based culture of enthusiastic, motivated, confident employees working together as a team to meet the organization’s future vision. A few simple words but hard to realize in practice.

My guiding belief is that it is possible to build an outstanding organization that is a growing profitable market leader. This takes an understanding knowledge and an achievement focus.

Our leadership style is a key component. My guiding belief is the most effective leader is a “developer” leader. He is both focused on results and developing his people. He builds a culture of mutual trust, respect and self-expression.

We can all change. “No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven. It’s learned not inherited.”

A developer leader collaborates and encourages employees to participate in reaching conclusions and determining direction. He takes active interest in their professional development and team welfare. He establishes a culture of success in the organization.

Employees working for this leader have a much lower level of frustration. They have higher feelings of satisfaction, commitment and responsibility. The positive culture stimulates strong team work and helps minimize conflicts

The developer leader builds an organization where people want to be and want to do their best. He guides rather than confronts. He inspires employees. He helps them reach personal goals as they help achieve company goals.

Good managers achieve results through other people. Great managers achieve results through other people and develop them in the process. The outstanding advantage of the developer leader is he builds a collaborative and developmental culture where employees increase their capability to generate stronger results.

Effective leadership is key to changing results. Excellence, efficiency, quality, customer service are the result of organizational culture and attitude. Culture and attitude are the result of effective leadership and the empowerment of people.

Our Approach

We focus on our clients. What they want and how they are going to get there. We use the following process.

Determine where you are now:  we will begin by examining where you are now; your personal motivators, interests, strengths and weaknesses and then the state of your organization. 

Determine where you would like to be:  we will examine what you would like to achieve. We will specifically set goals for achievement.

Learn what makes you tick:  We will use assessment tools to help you better understand yourself and your actions. This awareness will allow you to fully develop and use your strengths while working on minimizing your weaknesses.

Design an action plan:  With the above completed, we will work together to designing an action plan that allows you to set your unique path to achievement. 

Methodology:  We will provide specific tools, methods and materials with which to develop focus and clarity in this process.

Verify progress:  We follow the “carefrontational” approach to coaching.  As your coach, we will provide the encouragement, support and constructive criticism that will help you reach your plan. We will continually monitor progress and hold you accountable for accomplishing your plan. 

Success:  We will regularly pause to acknowledge and celebrate success as you reach your goals. We work together to reach your personal and organizational expectations.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.