Five Hidden Mistakes

Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make” is essential reading for business owners, senior executives, and entrepreneurs seeking to rise above the status quo. As the former CEO of three successful businesses, author Tom Northup is a results-oriented executive who understands how to build successful organizations. In this book, he reveals expert insight and proven methods readers can use to improve competitive advantage, innovate in their marketplace, and build sustainable growth and profitability year after year.

“Tom Northup has encapsulated the biggest challenges and then how to attack them in a methodical way. This is a business book you will want to refer to again and again.”
Henry DeVries, Author of Pain Killer Marketing

“This book pulls together all you need to know to run a business effectively. A must read for every business owner or executive!”
Bob Hand, President, Kopp Glass

“Tom Northup hits the bullseye of why business owners and executives often fail to make the progress they want. He then walks us through a step-by-step process of how to fix it with time-tested strategies anyone can use to create dynamic business, financial and personal growth.”
Paul R. Wojdynski, President, Controlled Key Systems, Inc.

“This book is a must for business owner that is trying to understand why the positive results that used to be there when the company was smaller are now negative or below expectations. Tom Northup gives practical insight along with solutions to get your company going in the direction you want.”
Scott J. McDevitt, President, Translogistics, Inc.

“A remarkable book for business owners and executives alike. Apply it and prosper.”
David Byrd, President, Leadership Management Inc.

“Gleaned from years of success as a CEO in his own right, Tom Northup masterfully provides practical wisdom and tools to move senior leaders beyond the status quo…to help them see what they need to see, not just what they want to see.”
Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the New York Times best-sellers, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers

The book is chock full of insightful truisms every executive must learn, particularly those without formal management training.

The book truly reveals mistakes that are unknowingly committed by even the most experienced executives.

The book is concise, elegantly presented, insightful and instructional yet practical. Profound examples abound:

   “Successful people know the cost of failure is modest compared to the cost of inaction.

   “The high performers created an organization that was in resonance.

   “Personal skills provide a basic groundwork; social skills set the effective leader apart.”

“The book is a quick read, easy to comprehend, but oh… so very insightful.”
Rick Lambrecht