What Clients Say…

Tom Northup’s track record speaks for itself:

We have a ‘let’s beat our best mentality’ and are positioned to make a major competitive impact as our market expands.”

“Today we are a healthy, growing company meeting our sales, cash flow and profitability objectives—leaving many competitors behind.”

Here is an example of the strong results I can help generate.  A few years ago I met the CEO of a company struggling to keep revenue steady and unable to make a sustainable profit. The CEO is a scientist who understood his limitations. He asked can you help me become an effective CEO and build my company?

He was a willing partner. In the first three years the company has tripled sales, become strongly profitable, has developed an outstanding management team and has a strong brand in its industry.

In the next three years the company has a strategic plan to again double sales expanding their presence in multiple areas. The CEO has realized his goals and has become an effective leader with the ability to lead the company to his vision.

Other comments Tom Northup provides:

“. . . honesty, the truth—uncut and unabridged”
“. . . unbiased answers based on years of experience”
“. . . real-world practical experience”
“. . . thoughtful leadership.”
“. . . direction, clarity and practical how-to advice.”
“. . . confidence and trust.”
“. . . a focus on achievement and results.”
“. . . the ability to turn pain and frustration into fulfillment and balance.”

From the director of an architectural company

Tom’s mentorship, patience and dedication have contributed immensely in my continued success and the success of my team. I have been successful in implementing new procedures and using the resources provided to me by Tom, and the course he used, to reach goals and confront challenges in order to meet company goals and deadlines to increase profitability and productivity. I’ve learned to mentor and work with each individual team member to bring out the best in each one.

As a result of working with Tom Northup, clients feel:

“. . . focused.”
“. . . challenged to look at an issue from another point of view.”
“. . . re-energized.”

And a letter from a CEO of a staffing company

Dear Tom,

This letter of recommendation is several months overdue. Better late than never in praising your development work with two of our key people. You took two diamonds in the rough and did an excellent job at building a solid management and leadership foundation that will benefit their future careers. In addition to benefitting them, the company has been enjoying the fruit of your work with these ladies as well. I don’t think it’s too dramatic to say you’ve changed their lives, for the better, forever. That’s no small accomplishment when you consider the value we get as your development and coaching begins to multiply throughout our organization. Your experience, competence, and thorough approach have resulted in a great outcome for everyone. I’m happy to be a reference for you and the work you’ve done. Feel free to share this letter with future or potential clients as they consider using you to further develop their team members into stronger managers and leaders.

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