About Tom

With more than 30 years of real-world experience in operations management, practical people expertise, and thoughtful leadership as the CEO and principal of three successful businesses, LMG founder and principal Tom Northup understands the complexities faced by today’s busy executives. He brings the tools, experience, and proven processes you need to grow profits and revenues, beat the competition, and innovate and lead in the marketplace – build value of your enterprise.

Working with Tom, leaders are better able to grow their business and achieve the results they want by fixing productivity and efficiency issues, developing and implementing strategic plans, and cultivating results-based employee cultures that are committed and accountable.

Tom has experience in a wide variety of industry; manufacturing, insurance, service companies, engineering and architectural, staffing and non-profit. All organizations where people are integral to performance.

Highlights include expanding sales 500% in 5 years and positioning company as world leader, turnaround a money losing operation in one year, expanding distribution generating 45% compounded sales growth, developing staff to meet quality and delivery requirements in a high growth situation.

He has four keys that differentiate him.

Tom has CEO Experience. He personally understands how to build excellence and “unfair” competitive advantage.

Tom is results oriented. He holds clients accountable to meet their hard-to-reach objectives.

Tom’s process is transformational. Clients make permanent organizational, behavioral and attitudinal changes for long-lasting success.

Tom is practical. He knows theory but provides proven methods and practical how-tos for every day work.

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